Red Hats    Purple Dresses 


The Red Hat Society began as a result of a few women deciding to greet middle age with verve and humor. Sue Ellen Cooper, the founder, believed silliness to be the comedy relief of life, and since we’re all in it together we might as well join hands and go for the gusto together.  The dress code of a red hat and a purple dress was decided on after reading the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph, which starts:


     “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple

      With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t

      suit me”


Hungry Jupiter Jewels ready for the Banquet at the Marriott Resort in Marco Island


Joan and Rita patio side facing the ocean


Three Jupiter Jewels and Jullie

21 Jupiter Jewels showed up at T.J. Hayashi for a "Fusion Buffet"



A "fusion" buffet offers Chinese, Japanese and Thai food and the restaurant is located on US1 in Crystal Tree Plaza. The girls gave it 4 Red Hats. Our mascot Julie enjoyed vegetable tempura and green tea  ice cream.




10/21/04 - Twenty Jupiter Jewels at Abacoa Luncheon



Red Hatter Joyce Reisman took Julie home to await the next adventure and enter the Abacoa fun in Julie's diary.


Three Red Hatters and Julie


Joan Lee who volunteered to be Vice Queen . She is wearing a crystal crown but it's hard to see.


Red Boa Kathy chats with Myrna



A wave of  Jupiter Jewels  in the sea of 120 Red Hats


The fashion show


Amy's Grandma Joyce

Eight of Jupiter's Jewels went in style to a regional Red Hat tea  of more than 200 Hats at the Double Tree Hotel in Palm Beach Gardens on March 1, 2004.   The stretch white limo took us to the Double Tree and back to the Marina at the end of the affair.

Our Chariot Awaits


Sea of Hats


Our Hats, Ida, Audrey and Myrna

Fished Out!





Jupiter Jewels  by Carole D’Amato


Join us as we wear purple dresses

Under red hats we’ve covered our tresses

Purple is royal

It’s grapes on the vine

Tall mountains and violets

Each differ from the other

Rarely one of a kind


Just as we vary in strength and in size

Each one in ourselves is

Where we find the prize

Eat from the table of

Love when we dine

Salute to each other as we drink of life’s wine



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